Growth and History

Betsy Lindsay, Inc. was started in the spare bedroom and garage of the Lindsay residence in January 1998. Betsy was the sole employee for the first nine months, building revenue to begin payroll for new employees. David Wichser came on board in October of 1998. Betsy and Dave did all of the field work, proposals, billing and preparation of drawings.

In June of 1999 they started the slow controlled process of building the business. They added five employees over a two year period and moved into a 1,000 square foot warehouse/office space in Tequesta, Florida. The business expanded slowly over the next 7 years to reach a maximum of 27 employees, generating 5 full time field crews, supporting office staff and a second office of 2,800 square foot located in Stuart, Florida directly off of I-95 & Kanner Highway.

With the down turn in the economy they have down sized the number of employees to 15, generating 3 full time field crews and supporting office staff. Over the life of the firm, they have participated in all of the facets of Surveying and Mapping throughout the State of Florida with a client retention of 99 percent.

Other Information

Betsy Lindsay, Inc. has been very successful in supplying each and every client survey data in the format that is tailored to their needs. We have developed many CAD standard prototypes specific for each client allowing us to prepare CAD drawings adhering to specific layer, text style, and size and block specifications. Our office procedures enable us to easily convert AutoCAD data to GIS coverages. Betsy Lindsay, Inc. has developed field data collection procedures that ensure quality of data collected in a timely manner. We typically collect field data tied to state plane coordinates, allowing the use of digital ortho imagery and GIS coverages.